Anatoly Ivanovitch Platonov


2002-2024, The Platonovs
with friendly help by
Mrs. Olga O'Dowd

Anatoly Platonov

Born in the town of Kovrov, Vladimirskaya oblast. A graduate of the Vilnius Art Institute. A member of the USSR Art Guild. Resided and worked in Ufa since 1955. An honorary artist of the Bashkir Republic. A participant of numerous republican, regional, Russian, USSR and international exhibitions.

His original realistic art style combines unusual color decisions typical of the Lithuanian school of art and the mastership of an excellent painter brought up on the strict conventions of the Russian academic school of art. The artist's work can be easily recognized in museums, galleries and exhibitions.

The creative art of Anatoly Platonov has been acknowledged by the admirers of the classic Russian art in Russia, the artist's homeland, as well as in Western and Central Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.